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Wake-up Your Child is Not Going to a Safe Place: Transitioning Your Child to College 2

 Session Date and Time

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 at 8:00:00 PM UTC


When going to college, your child will be exposed to things contrary to the Word of God. Many children raised in Christian homes abandon their values and often never finish college. Preparation is critical to combat the influences that will bombard them with anti-Christian views. A continuous combined effort between parents and their children throughout their collegiate career is imperative to reduce the probability of destructive decisions.

Session Overview

Pastor Justin Mercer
Rocky Mount, VA


Pastor Justin Mercer
Rocky Mount, VA

Pastor Justin Mercer is the Pastor of the Faith Temple COGIC in Rocky Mount, VA since 2016. He holds a BS from NC State and a Masters in Pastoral Ministries from Liberty University. Elder Mercer has served in several occupations in the fields of Health Care, Customer Service, Secondary Education and Higher Education and recently promoted to the Associate Director of Inclusion and Diversity for Johnson Health Center.

While at the Upper Room COGIC, he served as Men’s Fellowship Coordinator, Praise Team Leader, Campus President and President of Children’s Church. In COGIC, he serves as Evangelism President in the Roanoke Valley District of VA 2nd and Vice Chairman of College Campus Ministries through International Department of Evangelism.

Elder Mercer makes the boast that he married his only true love in the person of Lori Gould Mercer. They have four young energetic sons and one beautiful daughter.

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