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The Kingdom Family Ministry and Generational Blessing

 Session Date and Time

Friday, August 20, 2021 at 3:00:00 PM UTC


Abraham was chosen, because God knew that he would command his family and lineage. There is a generational blessing / empowerment that we can command over our family, or not, depending on what we do or don’t do. A Kingdom family, is to be an orchestra of special instruments that God will anoint, equip, and use to create a symphony of worship, and acts of service unto God, in obedience to the leading of His Holy Spirit. We will unfold Kingdom truths that will help equip families to grow in their God ordained pursuit of becoming a Kingdom family. Just as family salvation was God’s plan, concerning the Philippian jailer in Acts 16, so is Kingdom family ministry and generational blessing / empowerment.

Session Overview

Mr. Richard Lineweaver
Colorado Springs, CO


Mr. Richard Lineweaver
Colorado Springs, CO

Richard Lineweaver - Prophet, Entrepreneur, Business Developer, Marketplace Leader of Spirit Wind International Ministries. He travels as an apostolic and prophetic voice to the nations. He is an accomplished best-selling author of Activating Your Prophetic Destiny and How to Start a Business Without Money. He is also an international conference speaker. Mr. Lineweaver has a governmental prophetic anointing to see and foretell events. He walks as a wise master builder, spiritual father, coach, and mentor

His prophetic gifting also functions powerfully in the marketplace. Mr. Lineweaver has been a serial entrepreneur, training believers in the function and flow of the Kingly Anointing in marketplace ministry dynamics for many years. He has pioneered phenomenal business turnarounds into record profitability, as well as launched and spearheaded different startups that experienced triple digit growth over several years. Mr. Lineweaver also mentors and trains believers in how to recognize, awaken, activate and engage their Kingdom entrepreneurial calling and purpose to create Kingdom wealth.

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