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The Family Breakdown and Pop-Culture

 Session Date and Time

Friday, August 20, 2021 at 7:00:00 PM UTC


The entertainment industry isn’t just entertainment. It is a powerful influencer of social trends, that shapes our very culture. It has been used to influence the mind of our youth, seducing them to destructive ideologies that steers them away from Biblical establishments like the family. Many celebrities come from broken homes. The need for the affirmation that should have come from the home, gives the powerful a point of manipulation, causing them to compromise and push a culture that perpetuates the very pain they feel. To restore the family culture in society, the influence must be taken from entertainment, and placed back in the hands of the Biblical family.

Session Overview

Co-Pastor Isaac Quick
Spartanburg, SC


Co-Pastor Isaac Quick
Spartanburg, SC

Elder Isaac Quick is the Co-Pastor at The Promised Land Church of God in Christ where Apostle Tommy Quick is founder and pastor. He is married to the lovely Chelsea Quick and has one two-year-old son, Isaiah Quick, and a baby on the way.

Called of God to preach at the age of four, Elder Quick has always had a passion for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Elder Isaac Quick serves Apostle Tommy E. Quick as the Promised Land’s Co-Pastor, Pastoral Committee President, Youth Department Coordinator, Media Producer for the Promised Land Broadcast, CFADD steering committee member, Culture Impact Team member, and head of the Promised Land Youth Council.

Elder Quick has served on the Upstate Regional Education Center board of directors with the purpose of bridging the gap between education and the workforce. He is currently the Youth Department President for NC 3rd Jurisdiction COGIC, under the leadership of Bishop Patrick L. Wooden, Sr. His passion is for souls (particularly young people) and his mission is for God to be first in every area of his life, and to fulfill the call God has placed upon him.

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