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The Effects of the Breakdown of Family on Mental Health 2

 Session Date and Time

Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 8:00:00 PM UTC


Destructive decisions and negative family relationships can cause stress and greatly impact the mental health of each member of the family. Research has demonstrated that non-supportive families can destabilize a person's mental health and even cause a mental illness to worsen. Long-term effects in adults, who as children have experienced family breakdown, include problems with mental health and well-being, alcohol and drug use, suicide, lower educational attainment, and abusive relationships. However, studies have shown that positive and constructive decisions within the family can greatly improve the mental health of members within the family - both young and old.

Session Overview

Dr. Ojinga Harrison
Raleigh, NC


Dr. Ojinga Harrison
Raleigh, NC

Dr. Ojinga Harrison along with his wife, are Christian psychiatrists. Dr. M. Ojinga Harrison is the CEO and Clinical Director of The Carter Clinic. He is a member of Christian Medical Dental Association, American Psychiatric Association and National Medical Association. Dr. Harrison received his B.S. Degree from Jackson State University and his MD from University of Tennessee School of Medicine. He completed his residency in Psychiatry and Internal Medicine at Duke University. Dr. Harrison is a board-certified psychiatrist. His teaching experience ranges from giving seminars about the Bible and mental health in his local church to training NPs and Pas entering his psychiatric practice. He was a research fellow in 2003 at Duke University’s Religion and Health Program (which is now the Theology, Medicine and Culture Initiative). Dr. Ojinga Harrison and his wife are trained in Biblical counseling and sound doctrinal teaching under the leadership of Bishop and First Lady Wooden of the Upper Room Church of God in Christ.

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