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The Effects of Family Structure and Health

 Session Date and Time

Wednesday, August 18, 2021 at 8:00:00 PM UTC


A well-structured family is typically healthier and lives longer. A breakdown of roles in family can lead to stress and bitterness, which in turn can directly impact physical health. It has been proven that married men typically live longer than single men, largely due to the major role wives play in the quantity and quality of men’s lives. As the traditional major breadwinner, men are essential in providing a safe and healthy environment for their families. A thriving healthy family has a great impact on the condition of each family member, regardless of age and gender.

Session Overview

First Lady Valerie Quick
Spartanburg, SC


First Lady Valerie Quick
Spartanburg, SC

First Lady Valerie H. Quick is the wife of Apostle Tommy E. Quick for 36 years, of The Promised Land Church of God in Christ, Spartanburg, SC. They are the proud parents of five children, twelve grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Evangelist Quick serves faithfully by her husband’s side and as the Directress of Women’s Ministry, Administrator of Legacy Christian School and a Faith-based nurse. She serves on the North Carolina Third Jurisdiction’s Department of Women’s Executive, Advisory and Ordination Boards; and is the Regional Director of the Administrative Assistant’s Wives Circle for the International Dept of Women of the COGIC.

Valerie has a BS in nursing from East Carolina University. She is an accomplished Christian novelist of Christian fiction, The Blood Factor and The Blood Factor II, www.the blood

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