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Just Being There: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Children

 Session Date and Time

Monday, August 16, 2021 at 9:00:00 PM UTC


Parents are faced with the task of raising children, but of course it doesn’t come with a manual. This workshop will focus on providing parents with ideas on how to raise children according to the word of God, but also me sharing personal experiences of a successful outcome of doing things God’s way. Finally, parents will also be provided with resources on civics education to be shared with their children as well that provides a hope for a brighter future around our shared values as a people.

Session Overview

Mr. Terris Todd
Heritage Foundation


Mr. Terris Todd
Heritage Foundation

Mr. Terris Todd was born in Battle Creek, Michigan. He currently resides in Michigan with his wife, Karen, of 21 years. They have three daughters, and are the co-founders of My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. Mr. Todd is an ordained minister; and along with his wife, has also founded The Green Pasture campus ministry at Michigan State University.

Mr. Todd attended Norfolk State University before returning to Michigan to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Education degree and receiving a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University.

He is an elected official on the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners. He has received awards for his dedicated work, including the Frederick Douglass Award and a Professional Leadership Award from the NANBPW. He was also inducted into the Battle Creek Central High School Hall of Fame.

In 2020 Mr. Todd was appointed by The White House to be the Executive Director of White House Initiatives on Educational Excellence for African Americans. One of his first initiatives after being sworn into office was hosting a Virtual Roundtable on “Fatherhood as an Essential to Student Success, viewed by educators and fathers across the country. Mr. Todd’s topic passion is fatherhood. He is the author of “Father, Where Were (Weren’t) You.” Mr. Todd’s motto is "my passion in life is changing yours FOREVER ". 

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