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How Christianity Effects Marriage

 Session Date and Time

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 at 10:00:00 PM UTC


Marriage is God's idea. At its best, marriage is a divine institution ordained, defined, and directed by God. Christianity's distinct difference on marriage is markedly distinct compared to a marriage not governed by this faith. In this thought-provoking and yet practical workshop, you will learn or be reminded of Christianity's powerful and beneficial effects on Marriage. You will be encouraged and equipped to have a Kingdom Marriage instead of a civil union. Those who desire more than a healthy or happy marriage and who want a holy and joyous God-honoring marriage must be equipped to apply their faith in Christ to their union. Kingdom marriages are not accidental! They are marriages that are established, maintained, and sustained under the Lordship of Christ, His Word, and two lives that are more desirous of pleasing God than they are to conforming to the ways of the devil, the world, and the flesh.

Session Overview

Apostle Reginald Holiday
Greensboro, NC


Apostle Reginald Holiday
Greensboro, NC

Apostle Reginald Holiday is the pastor and founder of Bethany Fellowship Church in Greensboro, NC. He was licensed as a minister of the Gospel on April 16, 1995. Apostle Holiday has been married to his wife, best friend, and ministry partner, Linda Holiday, for more than 29 years. They are the parents to four children.

Apostle Holiday is a founding member and serves as apostolic leader of the Pneuma Network of Churches Inc. He is involved in many city and regional initiatives involving schools, the police department, and the community. Apostle Holiday is co-founder and currently serves as Board Chairman of The Triad Pastors Partnership, co-founder and Board President of the City Help of the Triad, and President and CEO of The On Target Equipping Group.

In June 2015, Apostle Holiday was appointed a member of the Summit Group, an organization that works to equip, network and resource global Christian leaders from the African Diaspora.

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