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Education System – Protecting Your Children 2

 Session Date and Time

Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 7:00:00 PM UTC


This session endeavors to enlighten individuals about many of the secular agendas that are taking place in our public and private schools and how as parents we can prepare to combat these ideologies at home and protect our children. Parents send them to learn academics, but the school is influencing their character, morals, and spirit through the teaching of humanism, sex education (alternate lifestyle acceptance), anti-patriotism, creation theories (evolution, big bang theory, etc.) and the like.

Session Overview

Dr. Raymond Williams
Newark, Delaware


Dr. Raymond Williams
Newark, Delaware

Dr. Raymond Williams is the proud husband of First Lady Letitia Williams. They have eight children and 13 grandchildren. Dr. Williams founded Faith Harvest Worship Center April of 1999. He also founded Harvest Youth and Child Development Center and Harvest Christian Academy.

“Pastor Ray” as he is affectionally called, is the Senior Pastor of Faith Harvest Worship Center, The Dean of Harvest Christian Academy, and Harvest Youth & Child development Center. He is CEO of Harvest Executive Banquet Center & Café. God has blessed Pastor Ray to pursue and accomplish his personal goals of obtaining both his Master’s and Doctorate Degrees.

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