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Education System – Protecting Your Children

 Session Date and Time

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 at 3:00:00 PM UTC


This session endeavors to enlighten individuals about many of the secular agendas that are taking place in our public and private schools and how as parents we can prepare to combat these ideologies at home and protect our children. Parents send them to learn academics, but the school is influencing their character, morals, and spirit through the teaching of humanism, sex education (alternate lifestyle acceptance), anti-patriotism, creation theories (evolution, big bang theory, etc.) and the like.

Session Overview

Dr. Mary Murray
Ludowici, GA


Dr. Mary Murray
Ludowici, GA

Dr. Mary Williams Murray – the wife of Dr. Larry Murray who is the Pastor of Fellowship of Love Community COGIC, Savannah, GA & The Fellowship of Love Worship Center COGIC in Hinesville, GA. They have a daughter, twin sons and two grandchildren. She serves as the Elect Lady, Co-Pastor, and Women’s Department President in both locations as well as the District Missionary for the Savannah District / South Central Georgia Jurisdiction.

Dr. Murray is impressively educated with two Bachelors, two Masters and two PHD’s. She is also a License Certified Professional Master Life Coach with The John Maxwell Group. Dr. Murray’s impact on education spans elementary education for over 35 years. She was academic dean for high school and college students, a college instructor, and a course writer. Dr. Murray is a much sought-after evangelist, gospel recording artist, and has authored several books including Operating in the Will of God, Wisdom Tips and Tools, and Bullying Behaviors.

With her husband military service, they are well known overs seas and the US. The Lord has allowed her to minister before live national and international taping (INSP) with over 70 million viewers in the US and fourteen foreign countries singing and ministering the gospel with her special anointing to lay hands on the sick.

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